Friday, August 1, 2008


At dinner tonight, my friend Sheau said: "Well, the thing about having a blog is, you have to have something to say."
This is terrible news, and spells certain doom for this particular blog. I've been blundering along in ignorance of this piece of information since January.

The blog started out innocently enough-- in fact it was going to be a tool to explain the motivation and inspirations behind a certain project I wanted to do (and still plan on doing.) But then, I was seduced by the daily opportunity to talk about myself--to an unspecified audience, of all things. It's not so long ago that I used to make fun of my friend Jonathan for having a blog. When he would ask, "Have you read my blog lately?" I would scoff, and say "Why would I do that?!" Now he's kind enough to forgive me and even read mine, and leave comments. The whole thing seems perversely egotistical. But if I veer the blog back to being mostly about cool things I've found that other people have done, I might just redeem myself.

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brilliant said...

i thought it was just your style to meta-blog, you know blogging about how you have nothing else to say or do. i am always surprised when people read my blog too, but it helps me keep track of stuff, although after two years i am starting to throttle back and using it as a reflection of my studio process rather than a platform to "say something."