Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sabbatical Trip to Elbigenalp, Austria, September/October, 2016

Schnitzschule Geisler-Moroder.
Text soon! Too tired, but here are some pictures at least!

A guest house near the school, with glorious trompe-l'oeil painting.

A walk I took several times, very close to the Schnitzschule.

My lovely room at the Schnitzschule Geisler-Moroder.
The classroom I was in my first week at the school.
Each student gets a set of 15 Stubai carving gouges to work with for the duration of a class.

Students at the school copy from models, mostly. Some of them show a progression from  an early stage to completion.
"Roughed out" Jesuses for purchase in the carving supply store.

Working on a relief from photos of magnolia leaves I took before I left California.

Magnolia leaves nearing completion.

I carved this head using a model that was, to my perception, JFK on one side, and a skull on the other.
I wasn't interested in carving a skull so I extrapolated a full face. I also changed the features and eliminated the hair.

My class group from the third week, with our teacher, Pascal. The other
students in this group came from Austria, Denmark, Australia, England and Scotland,
plus a couple of Americans living in Europe.