Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

Last year, my entire summer was stolen from me when my landlords announced that they were not renewing my lease. They explained that they were going to turn my 680 square-foot one-bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment by building two new walls in the living room. (They did this in about five days and raised the rent by $425.00. Impressive!) So, I spent the entire summer searching for an affordable apartment in San Jose, and then moving, during this terrible rent spike. This summer I was determined to make up as much as possible for lost time. So, I haven't done a day of vacation-type things, but have just worked on art (plus the inevitable school issues that come up on most days.)
While I work on new projects, I have two pieces in a show called Navigating the New that's currently up at Pro Arts in Oakland. Here is a review of the show, which came out the other day. And here is a picture from Pro Arts' Facebook page.

Photo via Pro Arts, Oakland

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