Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nature Walks and Chocolate Cake

(Two of the most excellent things about Fiskars Village, Finland.)
Well, an art blog is
supposed to turn into a "travelogue" when you're on sabbatical, right? Yeah, I guess so.

The view from my window about two and a half weeks ago, after our first snow.

Hobbitty grass in the woods.

Pink granite and pale fluffy mosses on a nature trail just up from the residency house.

More delicate fluffy mosses and lichen-covered trees.

Life indoors is pretty good here too.Here's me and the other Fiskars artist resident, Laura Baruel Poulsen, at the new Fiskars chocolate shop. The cake, which is mind-blowing, did not last long enough to make it into the picture.


Sheau said...


It is great seeing you and hearing that you are having some nice time there...what else can you have right? I would love a taste of that chocolate cake!

vaughn wascovich said...

okay now i want to go there. i can do silly landscapes all day long and eat chocolate cake in the evening. hell, i even need some new fiskers, the chinese junk version aren't worth a nickel. in fact, i'm going to find some fiskers right now...

Anonymous said...

nice ... to ...know, ......and ...glad ...find.... such... a.......