Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good News, and Urinary Tract Humour

I recently applied for a year's sabbatical leave in order to make art, elsewhere. (Eligible faculty can apply for a semester at full pay, or a year at half-pay.) I learned this morning that I am one of four artists (or artist duos) that have been accepted into an artist's residency program in Finland for 2009! This is the best news I've gotten in a very long time. The other accepted artists look great. I'm really, really happy.

On an unrelated note, some friends emailed me to tell me that my kidney wallpaper had shown up on BoingBoing today. Thank you, Mark Frauenfelder! I especially love the comments, numbers 12 (analyzing my anatomical semi-correctness,) and 13!

The National Kidney Foundation was considering buying this wallpaper two years ago when ADA Gallery showed it in Miami. But it never happened. (Apparently, as a non-profit organization, they don't really have a budget for art...) Anyway, it's nice to have the kidney wallpaper get an audience after all. It took me six months to draw it. Now I'll have to finish the other two wallpapers I started (the urinary tract one is called #1, so #2 was the next in line.)


brilliant said...

absolutely freakin awesome dude!! where in finland is it? what is the program, and will the cats go with you?

Shannon Wright said...

Jonathan-- I'll explain offline. For now I won't publicize this sort of info, because it's too important to me, I don't need some nutcase trying to sabotage my life as a prank (like, emailing the residency program and saying I've changed my mind, or something.) And no, I will never demand that my cats travel to Finland with me. The flight from Chicago in 2002 was their last one.