Monday, August 18, 2008

Crate, continued

Update: my crate made it home. I removed the plastic I had wrapped it with to protect it from further rain, and now the poor mildewy crate is baking in the sun in the back of my truck. My socket set is on its way home in a separate box (travelling by UPS,) so I can't open the crate until that shows up!
New update: got the crate open and emptied out. The fence parts did fine (I guess if it survived a year in snow and other weather, this was no big deal.) The crate is a mildewy nightmare, and has gained so much water weight that even empty we can't get it out of my truck yet. Now I see why the shipping cost went up $150 beyond what was originally projected.
At least the fence saga is over.

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brilliant said...

please post pictures of this mildewey crate, it sounds like some sort of avant garde rock group...appearing tonight at shannon's place fresh from their vermont tour, it's chicago's latest female fronted indie noise rock trio, "the midlewey crates"