Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Cool, so a bunch of things are finally going as planned, and some even better than expected, on my project. And I have a venue for it, Scope Miami in December.
The material tests went well, and I can't go into more detail than that, because I have to keep it all top-secret. There's this funny zeitgeist thing that happens with art-- whatever you're making, suddenly everyone else had the exact same idea at the same time*, and the one who makes it a week ahead of everyone else wins. Speed in art-making has never been my forte. Maybe "obsessiveness" is my forte.

*Actually, it's not that other people have the exact same idea. It's more like they express a similar attitude, or are inspired in a similar manner by a manufacturing technique, or a concept like infinite bifurcation.

Also, I came upon this pretty good phenomenon today: It's a way of posting images, artist statements and resumes in a database so that different institutions can look at it, instead of having to laboriously prepare a separate application for each proposal. So far it looks like it's being used by calls for public art, etc. It still took me most of the day to format the images and fill in all the information, but hopefully my "file" can now be re-used for other applications.

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